Emails (Beta) Report from HubSpot Connector

My Emails (Beta) report through the Hubspot<>Domo connector is failing. The error message I receive is :

Domo is ready, but received a 'Server Error' from the data provider. If the issue persists contact the data provider for support.



Has anybody else had this issue / know what the problem is / what to do about it?




  • MrMiyagi
    MrMiyagi Domo Employee

    Hi Jonathan,


    Could you tell me a little more about the connection?

    1. Is it a new connection?
    2. Is it a previous connection that was working but now stopped working?

    Let's start there.



  • Hey! Thanks for the quick response!


    It was a previous connection that stopped working on June 7th. I set up a new connection now to pull the same report a few minutes ago, and that didn't work either. 


    The other reports that I have set up through the HubSpot connector are working, just not the emails (beta) report. 


    Thanks again


  • MrMiyagi
    MrMiyagi Domo Employee

    Hi Jonathan,


    If it was previously working but stopped all of a sudden (June 7th) it is generally one of two things:


    1.  A permissions issue with your HubSpot account. I doubt it is this since your other reports are working.
    2.  Something changed on the Hub Spot end of the request and Domo was not made aware (or just hasn't had time to adjust the connector).

    If #2 is the case then you will want to find out more specifics about the server error HubSpot is sending back.


    Next Step: 

    1. Call(801.805.9505)/Email([email protected])/Buzz(@DomoSupport) Domo Support and ask them to help you get more information about the error the Hub Spot API is returning through our connector. 
    2. Once you have more specifics about the error we will know if the issue is a Domo connector issue or an issue on the Hub Spot end.


    Try that and let us know what you find out!

  • we noticed a similar issue.  I'm not able to see the hubspot quickstart app, or any hubspot app in the appstore any longer.  We still have a connector, and can build our own cards from scratch, but I'm curious what happened to the quickstart app.

  • @Millhouse


    Can you provide an update on the HubSpot connector?


  • As far as i understand it, this specific report has been disabled via the domo<>hubspot connector.