Alerts Triggered but no email

Domofied Contributor

Hi Domo Support,


I've noticed a card's alert is being triggered and recorded in Domo, but the email notification is not sent.


Its a table card displaying Freight Details where the notification will trigger when the least cost carrier is not selected.


 1. Table Card with Alert - Shows its triggered1. Table Card with Alert - Shows its triggered

 2. Has multiple Users subscribed to the Alert2. Has multiple Users subscribed to the Alert

3. Showing there is a history of triggered alerts but without email notifications.3. Showing there is a history of triggered alerts but without email notifications.


At first we checked junk and spam folders but found nothing.

Then we subscribed other logins to test if other people can receive the email notification. Still no email,


The card's Dataset is from an ETL Dataflow with Beastmode calculations.

 - So I've copied this card and removed the Beastmode functions - Unsuccessful

 - Copied the ETL Dataflow and removed the Value Mapper function - Unsuccessful

 - Connected the card directly to the dB (no ETL Dataflow) - Unsuccessful

 - Copied an old card that is firing off email notifications (change filter to this particular customer) - Unsuccessful


 - Changed my email (work) to a private gmail account - Unsuccessful.


Could there a limit to the number of Email Notifications per Login or Domo Client ?


Or is there some simple tick box that says, Don't Email ?






  • Tomo
    Tomo Contributor


    I can receive by the following setting.





  • Domofied
    Domofied Contributor

    Tomo-san arigatou gomzaimasu,


    However, it looks like I have a different setup to your login.


    The login access I have is Admin so I'm surprised I don't have the same options.


    It also appears new alerts are the ones not sending an email notification as the old alerts (pre-2017) are currently working.


    1. Alerts and Notification Settings1. Alerts and Notification Settings

  • Tomo
    Tomo Contributor



    WAO! It isn't indicated, is it?
    It seems better to contact Domo support.




  • Domofied
    Domofied Contributor

    Thank you Tomo-san,


    I've already contacted them. Doing the dance between Domo Support and Tech Support to prove our company email filters are not blocking their emails as I'm still getting notifications for alerts setup pre-Feb 2017.


    Hey, how is Domo doing in Japan ? Is it gaining much traction ?


    I've shown it to a couple of my Japanese friends who are interested but never heard of Domo.

  • Tomo
    Tomo Contributor



    The enterprise which uses Domo thinks it's increasing.
    A Domo user meeting is also held in Japan, and a community is also spreading.


    I think the celebrity is little compared with a famous BI tool.
    An open seminar isn't being held in Japan, so I don't have many chances to touch the name as Domo at outside the company yet.





  • Gimli
    Gimli Domo Employee

    Hello @Domofied and @Tomo

    The reason why your screenshots are different is because of the version of domo you are on. 

    The option is still present in the notification settings. It just has a new location. 

    The option should either be above or below your notification settings. 


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  • Domofied
    Domofied Contributor

    Thanks ilikenno for explaining but without screenshots I really don't know where to look.


    I've been on this mad merry go round for the past month, dancing  between checking if our company has filters vs Domo not sending notifications.


    I can confirm there are no restrictions set to [email protected] becasuse I can set Schedule Reports which work without fail. However looking at my Alerts History (screenshot attached) it shows alerts being triggered throughout the day.


    So it goes back to the different versions for Domo.


    Option: Send email and sms even when online.


    Could we please have the same version to enable this option ?


    Or if it is available, please send some screenshots through to show.


    I've attached a list of screenshots to show the options available per tab.



  • Gimli
    Gimli Domo Employee

    Looking at the new set of screenshots it appears that something else may be occurring. Some of the notification settings are designed for Buzz. Looking at your screenshots I do not see any of the options for Buzz in the screenshots. 
    Do you know if your company has had Buzz Chat disabled? 
    If they have this would be why these additional options are not available to you. 
    However, even if they are not present they do not have any effect over emails being sent for alerts. 
    If you still have buzz enabled in your instance then something else might be occurring. 


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  • Domofied
    Domofied Contributor

    Hi All,


    Just wanted to thank everyone for helping me get through this as we had a blessing this morning when it started raining alerts.


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