Applying PDP to a datafusion or datasets within a datafusion

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Good morning,

Recently we have been trying to apply PDP to several of our datasets. However, we are having trouble as the errors, as pictured below, seem to contradict each other. Are you aware of this? If so, can we expect a resolution soon?



  • ASperry
    ASperry Contributor

    We are currently investigating. We will get back to you shortly.

  • ASperry
    ASperry Contributor

    Our development team is aware of this issue. PDP can be enabled on the parent datasets before they are brought into a Data Fusion. They are working to update the error messages to reflect this, so they do not contradict.


    Let me know if you have additional questions.

  • bof
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    Do you know if we can expect to apply PDP to Datafusion datasets in the future?

    We are considering nuking that dataset and creating a datafusion if not.

  • Hi, We have a similar issue we are applying PDP on the source data sets while doing data fusion and we are seeing this error, can someone please help? 

    Domo Screen Data Fusion.JPG