How to have Discovery type parameter displayed as Tree Menu when Advanced Mode is enabled in Custom

Hua Member

I am able to have configuration code for dropdown, but so far can't seem to make it happen for Tree Menu.  Please send some sample code and improve documentation.




  • GTA
    GTA Member

    Can you let me know which connector that you are referring to? We can definitely get this looked at. Thanks

  • Hua
    Hua Member

    I'm writing my own custom connector.  Please see attachement.



  • GTA
    GTA Member

    I will send this over to our team to see if there is sample code that we can provide. Stay tuned. Thanks

  • DarrelR
    DarrelR Member



    Please see attached.


    Of note, please notice the publisTree() command at the end.



    var res = JSON.parse(httprequest.get(baseURL+'all'));
    var regions = {};
    for(var i in res){
    var country = res[i];
    country.region = "other"

    var node = discovery.addNode(discovery.tree,country.region)
    regions[country.region] = node;