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Hi Dojo community,


I have a specific question regarding available documentation on the Domo interface, similar to what this video shows: but in "paper" and if possible adapted to the "Participant" Domo user type (not required since the documentation could be adapted to this type of user access rights). 


Use case of this request: I created few dashboards that I want to share with other users (all of them Participant users). In order to make sure they get the most of their Domo instance I would like to send them a short documentation about their Domo instance where things like learning how to select favorite cards, set alerts, use the analyzer, export cards into pptx, etc. are explained (kind of an overview intro guide). Before starting to draft this guide myself, I thought that most likely this type of documentation already exists (and for sure it would be more accurate and better written that what I could create myself). I checked Domo University, Dojo and Knowledge Base, but most of the time the summary material is in video format and the different written pieces of information are a bit spread.

Anyways, I was wondering whether or not any Dojo user knew about the existence of this type of documentation, which I think it would be really useful for all of us to have and share. 


Thank you all!!


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    This is a good one for your team.


    Happy Friday!


  • JeriLarsen
    JeriLarsen Domo Employee

    Hey, @iresanjogar


    We appreciate so much your interest and question. We will, of course, take a look to see if changes and improvements can be made. We love feedback that points us in a better direction. In the meantime, however, have you had a chance to try these two options? 


    1) Go to Domo University, and search in the right search box for New User. That has a filtered set of content distilled down for your new participant users.

    2) Go to the Appstore, and search for Training. There are new Training Apps there that could provide your new users with that foundational learning. 


    Let me know what you think. Thanks again for reaching out.