Is there a way to customize more than 9 range values in the heat maps?

I am trying to create a territory reference for my sales team. I have 18 reps and would prefer their territories to be colored uniquely. Is there a way to customize more than 9 values?


  • This may not work unless you have a way to translate their regions into latitute/longitude, but those maps have more than 18 colors. Here's a quick example image I made using latitute and longitude.

   2017-02-23 17-49-29.png

  • Thank you for your response. Trying to split the entire country into territories so I think that'll get complicated for the lat/longitude map. I appreciate your idea, though!

  • No problem! How are the territories set up? By state?

  • I would need to do use the county map in order to split some of the states properly

  • So I do have a county + zip code + lat/lon spreadsheet (attached). You should be able to do a join on county names. Unfortunately it will only a show one point per row instead of filling the whole county with a color though. Since the midwest has way fewer counties/cities, it's much more sparse than the coasts. Here's an example of a map with 20 colors.


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