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I am trying to get Google Adwords campaign data into Domo (opposed to the keywords report). The reasoning here is that the data will not be limited to keywords.


From what I have heard from Domo support it is possible to get more then just keywords data using the import method they have documented. 


My question is has anyone created a successful script in Google Adwords to pull out campaign data?


  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help out @Boone408?


  • Maxamillioo
    Maxamillioo Domo Employee

    Hi @Boone408,


    Thank you for reaching out. I read that you had spoken wth Domo Support about this, but I couldn't find any case to cross reference. I just wanted to provide you with the Google Adwords Documentation we have here:


    That guide obviously lays out the steps for creating the Keywords Report, but the scripts can be modified to your liking. I know this queston was directed more toward the community, so it can be left open, but I wanted to be sure to provide you with those details as a base. 


    If you need anything else please feel free to reach out to Domo Support.


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  • Billobi
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    Hi @Boone408,


    Old topic, still relevant, figured I'd share something that I found.  Depending on the Ads instance, the scripting for the CAMPAIGN_PERFORMANCE_REPORT to get exported to Google sheets works fine, UNLESS it's a Google Express account 



    The data behind Express accounts is particularly hidden since it's intended to be a hands-off way of giving ad spend to Google and then having it spent however deemed relevant.  If you were able to get the script to run and had the file & headers show up in Google Sheets but had no rows of data, then it very possible could have been an Express account.


    That said...has anyone identified a workaround to get Express data to feed SmartCampaign performance into a full instance so that anyone could use the regular Google Sheets method to extract the data?