QuickBooks Connector

Is it available an Advance QuickBooks connector that can allow you to pull into Domo customized reports or just specific information from QuickBooks? 



  • Assuming you mean the QuickBooks Online Reports Advacned Connector, there isn't an option to pull in customized reports, see the help center documetation here: 



    Another option for you might be to extract the report data from QuickBooks Online and upload it to Domo. QuickBooks may support an automated extract feature to Box or Google Cloud Storage. A connector for either of these could then be setup in Domo to bring in your customized QuickBooks data. 

  • Thanks for your reply but when clicking to the link you provided it brings me to the knowledge page with the following message on it: "You do not have permissions to view this page."

    Is there any other way you could send me the documentation about the QuickBooks Online Reports Advanced Connector?

    Thanks in advance! 

  • That should be the right external link to take you to the help center documentation. You can also try to navigate to the Help Center from inside your Domo instance and do a search for the QuickBooks connector. 


    If that doesn't work or you still can't access the documentation, reach out to your CSM or Domo Support and the should be able to help you get the access you need.


  • Thanks for your reply! I think I will contact Domo Support since I still cannot access the page you linked and in the Help Center I only find information about the "standar" QuickBooks connector and there is no information about whether or not there is an "advanced QuickBooks connector" which could allow you to customize the data or report you pull into Domo (so far there are only few types of pre-defined report you can upload into Domo). 

    Thank you very much for your help! 

  • Hi all,


    I still cannot access the link provided by @nicolasfeddern (as before, I don't have permission) and aparently Domo Support hasn't replied yet letting us know whether or not there is an advance QuickBooks connector that allows you to customize the report and data that you upload into Domo.


    Thanks anyways for your help and quick reply! 

  • Try this link! let me know if you are able to access. You will need to provide your Domo login credentials to access.



  • Hi!


    I provided my Domo login credentials but still I cannot get access it. I keep getting this error: "You do not have permissions to view this page." I am signed in both Domo University and Dojo.


    I can access the "QuickBooks Online Reports Connector" page though, but not that of the link provided.



  • Thanks we are looking into this now and will get back to you shortly!