Twitter followers graph



I can't figure out how to build a basic Twitter followers card - the followers figures showing are always the followers of my followers, rather than my followers?


Just want a basic line graph showing growth of my twitter following over time.


Many thanks!


  • Hi, any help with this one?



  • I used the Twitter Quickstart app and there is a card premade for followers. It looks like they are using the User Profile Metric dataset that Twitter provides. X Axis is batch last run, Y axis is MAX followers count.


    Hope that helps.

  • @Wardy, did the above solution help you out?

  • Thanks for this, not used the quick start apps which are very interesting.


    Its not however excatly what I was looking for... I've attached a screenshot of what the graph should look like.

  • You can change the bar graph to a line graph in the card edit mode. Note that follower count data doesn't backfill. It starts when you start the data set.