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I want to mark the date on a card that a particular customer has "escalated" their account. For example, customer X escalated on March 15, 2016 I would like to be able to mark that on a chart (bar chart, line graph, etc).


I don't see a way to do this?


  • Hi all, Can anybody help @coupa_marc out? Thanks!

  • DefinitiveJohn

    You could write a beast-mode and use that beast-mode as a series on your card. For Example:


    CASE  WHEN `Date` = '3/15/2016'  THEN 'escalated'

    ELSE `date`



    Then use 'Date' on your x-axis, your value on your y-axis, and the beast-mode as your series (changed to 'no aggregation'). Then you should be able to change your colors so that 3/15 is one color and all other dates are another color.


    You could even do:


    CASE  WHEN `Date` >= '3/15/2016'  THEN 'escalated'

    ELSE `date`



    To show everything after that date as a new color, instead of just the one date.

  • @coupa_marc, tagging you to check out @DefinitiveJohn's reply.

  • coupa_marc

    Yes, haven't had a chance to try this but I think it *should* work. However, I need to be able to change this for a customer quickly not sure how I can do that without editing.



  • anafziger

    We do something similar and use a Domo Online Form to track escalation points by ID, then join that into our dataset on the ID using the status column as a series in the visual.

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