Can I assign Groups to an Alert or use the API to assign users to Alerts?

smurray Domo Employee

I need a way to get groups set up for the same alert. Can I assign a group to the alert?


I need to be able to subscribe users to alerts with out them going in and setting it up. Can I do this using the API?


  • RamuS

    I dont think such options are there in DOMO, but remember alert is indepedent from instance to instance and any user can setting up their own alert ( respective of there PDP policies)


    But yes we have a Indirect solution for that:

    for example you had a dataset(PDP enable) and you are going to create certain policies for that dataset and also you can add users/groups for create policies. 


    At that time of Alert creation DOMO will give options like creating alert using 'All Data' or 'Modifiy'(Policies applied for our created alert) at this time if u select certain policies, alert will impact on all users/groups comes under those policies.


    Hope it helps.

  • @maximus, did the above reply help you out?

  • MitchyMitch8
    MitchyMitch8 Domo Employee

    @maximus In the new Buzz (currently in beta if you'd like to try it out), you can add an alert to any conversation, including a private chat with a person or group of people. Everytime the alert fires it will post a message in the conversation and the chat members will be able to see it. 


    Let me know if you think that would help ?