how can i duplicate/copy cards created on my overview to a shared page?


I created several collections and cards on my overview, how can i duplicate/copy those cards to a shared page?


EDIT: wow... just found the very obvious move/copy menu item... solved!


  • ckatzman
    ckatzman Contributor

    @klicks, be sure to understand the difference between Move/Copy, and Duplicate.  Move/Copy allows you to either pick up and re-locate a card, or to spawn linked-copies to other locations.  Change it one place, it changes all the linked copies.


    Duplicate will create a clone of the original card, but it is self-contained.  Good when you want to start with an existing card and save some time building from scratch, but then you plan to modify it to do something different.  

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  • kimmy_p

    For anyone who is looking to duplicate a card, it's very counterintuitive. The Move/Copy functionality only moves the existing card from one page to the next. The Save As fuctionality actually duplicates and makes copy of the existing card.

  • Jason
    Jason Member

    Right. As far as I can see, the functional differences between these two are not very well explained. I want to also add that when using the move/copy function, all cards are treated the same, so there isn't really an "original" card. If you delete one of these copies, they ALL get deleted.