DataSet Access Blocked as "Protected" for Privileged Security Access Users

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Hi Domo!

I love the Domo Dojo Days you put on.  Thank you for your past and current responsiveness to Dojo members.  I know it won't stop in the future!


I'm doing Major Domo work to get all the required base datatsets up into our instance so they can be used for a variety of purposes.  However, recently all my new datasets pushed up by Workbench3 aren't accessible to my end users and when following URLs I pass along they get a "protected" dialog.  I don't see anywhere in Workbench3 or my instance menus where I can change this.


It's making it so that I have to sit with all end users to generate their cards.  This is divergent from our current process and philosophy of end user empowerment.


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    I understand that card access will grant them rights to datasets, but I'd rather my end users just do everything on their own.  I don't want the burden of setting up some card no one will ever use, just to get people access.

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    Thanks for the question, TC.


    Once users have had the card shared with them they should have access to the dataset. You should be able to remove the card after that point so that it doesn't create additional clutter.


    There isn't really a setting in Workbench that will affect this that I know of.


    Please also see this idea which is related to your question, feel free to vote it up.

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    I think this is more applicable.  It looks like functionality is currently under development.  Thanks for your response Kurt!