Is anyone else having issues with the fields changing in the Zendesk Ticket with Users Report?

cmarkum Contributor

We used the Zendesk Quickstart App and it was working fine for our needs for a while. It seems the data within the Zendesk Ticket with Users report has changed. The assignees, submitters, and requesters are no longer available in the dataset. The Quickstart app has "Top Requesters" and "Top Assignee" but these no longer work. I have a couple tickets open with DOMO Support but I was curious if anyone else is running into this same problem.


  • philipmarc

    I know this is late but I just saw this, I have the same issue with zendesk ticket report and have a quarterly process to find which fields are new or which fields have been deleted and account for them in a MySQL dataflow union statement. 

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