Best practice for coping multiple cards at once to a new dashboard


Is there any way we can copy 100+ cards at a time to a new dashboard?


  • nalbright
    nalbright Contributor

    Are all of these cards coming from the same location, or are they coming from different pages?

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  • jfestejo0614

    yes all cards are from the same location. 

  • Ragin_Cajun
    Ragin_Cajun Domo Employee

    Just to make sure that I am understanding you on this. You are wanting to move cards from one Domo Dashboard to a new Dashboard? If so, this can be done on our side, but it would require some extra work on our end. I would contact your Account Executive and explain what you are trying to accomplish. 

  • cmarkum
    cmarkum Contributor

    This is currently unavailable but as stated it can be done by DOMO. There is an enhancement request for this scenario. If possible, please go to the Idea Topics page and like the request so we can get more backing for it.


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