Can't delete group with Domo Group API (Python SDK)



I'm trying to set up some PDP Automation process using groups, however, I notice that the Python command for delete group does not work properly, I'm not sure if I have adequate permissions or if the API is just not working.

For example, when trying to run


I get:

"statusReason":"Bad Request","message":"Can't delete a group that contains users"

So I proceed to remove the users inside with

domo.groups.remove_user(group_id, user_id)

But then, when I try the first command, I get:



Basically now I can no loger delete a group because I'm not a manager of the group… I can't even remove the group from the website…. So is now that group orphaned and immortal??

It seems that the group API is just weird… because it forces you to remove users, but then you are locked out.

What am I doing wrong?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • EricVanDerEems
    EricVanDerEems Domo Employee

    What is your role inside of Domo? We have a specific grant for "Manage All Groups" That you may need to execute this endpoint.

  • JobQuiroz
    JobQuiroz Member

    "BI Power User Fast Track". I can see the following two Grants on the Role description: