Left Join reducing Rows


I have two data sets that I'm joining on a left join. My left table is the gljedetail 2023, from what I understand a left join should keep all the rows in the left table. It reduces the number of rows not sure why it is doing it. Also, I'm using two columns for the key


  • Data_Devon

    Not knowing the specifics of your join with the ETL, this could likely be from using two columns for the key.

    The join then will only complete where both keys are satisfied, which will likely lessen the output rows.

    Therefore, to resolve, find one single unique identifier in the 'gljedtail 2023' that can be joined to the Chart of Accounts. Forcing the join on two keys is overly restrictive and causes the narrowing of the scope of the data.

    Just my two cents. Should be a simple change to see if this works, otherwise I'll have to defer to the experts and hope that another member of the community can chip in. 😊

  • Josh_Evans20

    How does it work when it is a relationship to many to one?

    I'm trying to use the COA to add additional details for the GL. I attempted on one but it didn't seem to quite work but for some reason when I switched up the order of the keys for some reason it add the columns back. No idea why.