Partitioning for Dummies?


Can someone point me to a good step by step guide to setting up partitioning in Workbench 5.2? I have a very large dataset (currently 5.8 million rows) that gets updated daily with a full replace. As you can imagine it takes a HOT MINUTE to run. On average there are 12.5k new records and 100 records updated or deleted daily. Clearly I don't need to do a full replace, but my brain is just not grasping how to get the partitioning set up correctly. The knowledge base articles just aren't detailed enough. Can someone point me towards Domo Partitioning for Dummies?


  • GrantSmith

    Domo has a good KB article on setting up partitioning in Workbench you can follow here: . It's for 5.1 but should be the same for 5.2

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  • ARosser
    ARosser Member

    That's the one I've been looking at primarily and It's really not getting into the detail I need. I guess what I'm needing is something that combines the set up process as well has the functionality. I have a column currently that I can use as a flag.

    If [Flag] = 'Done' THEN do nothing

    If [Flag] = 'Create' THEN Append

    If [Flag] IN ('Update', 'Delete') THEN Replace

    each row has a PK

    I don't understand at all how to set that up.