Direct Entry for Cloud-Based Connectors


Hello Domo Users!

I wanted to share an alternative method for connecting to various Domo connectors if you are unable to find certain connectors in your instance's app store.

We experienced a brief period where we couldn't identify specific connectors a couple of months ago. This was likely during a time when Domo was pushing significant product enhancements, including App Studio, workflows, Domo AI, Domo Everywhere, and more, making this an isolated incident. However, I discovered that familiarizing myself with the URLs for cloud-based connectors can mitigate this issue if it every occurs in your instance.

The direct entry to most connectors is simply the following URL: https://<your_instance_name><connector_owner>.connector.<connector_name>

The URL for each individual connector varies based on who owns the connector and its naming convention. Connectors owned by Domo have relatively simple URLs, but third-party connectors and those with unique dataset IDs in their URLs can be more complex. Here are a few examples that might be helpful for learning this unique trick:

  • Domo Dimensions Connector: https://<your_instance_name>
  • DomoStats: https://<your_instance_name>
  • File Upload: https://<your_instance_name>

I hope this helps you navigate connector issues more efficiently if a similar issue were to ever present itself in your instance. Feel free to share any other tips or ask question in the comments!