How do I change PDP policies in an app like I can on a dashboard


I love the ability to select and view dashboards from any PDP policy that applies - I don't think this functionality exists within apps, is this correct?

If so, it makes it hard to test that apps look and function the way they need to when certain users view them (this, coupled with not being able to log in as users)



  • ColinHaze

    I was wondering the same thing but I dont believe the Apps have that feature yet. You can always create a test user and throw the test user into different pdp policies, a little time consuming but might be worth it.

  • JosephMeyers
    JosephMeyers Domo Employee

    PDP policies work the same in apps as they do in cards. Are you referring to the PDP previewer? That does not currently support apps. It's just a filtered view based on the PDP policies.