What is the string pattern to be provided in TO_NUMBER function in Adrenaline Dataflow


I want to convert a char value to number using TO_NUMBER function in Adrenaline Dataflow.

The KB is given as below. What is the string pattern to be provided in the function to avoid decimals ?


Converts a string into a number. An optional pattern can be passed in. If the pattern doesn't include decimals the result will be LONG, otherwise the result will be a DOUBLE.



  • ArborRose

    Have you tried something like this (below)?

    TO_NUMBER('12345', 'FM999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999')

    The FM is an optional prefix that indicates there are no leading or trailing spaces. The nines specify a placeholder for each digit, resulting in a LONG integer without decimal.

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