Cards aren't loading


Cards are loading on the dashboard builder but not on the Embed Dashboard


  • ArborRose

    Could be several reasons: authentication method. URL and parameters such as filters or date ranges. Javascript errors. Security policies. Network issue.

    You might even try clearing your browser cache and refreshing.

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  • markb
    markb Member

    Thank you, I cleared the cache and refreshed but still running into the issue. I use this process daily and nothing has been changed.

    Doesn't look like there are any options to refresh the federated data connector.

  • ColemenWilson

    I would recommend opening a support case with Domo.

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  • MattTheGuru
    MattTheGuru Contributor

    @markb can you send a screenshot of the error?
    It is likely that you need to "whitelist" the domain that you are embedding into.

    Here is a screen recording on how to fix that:

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