Total of All States on State Map

cochoa Member

Is there a way to display the percent of a total of one state against the total of all states.

Example: CA had 20 files but there were 100 across the country. I want to display 20% over the state of CA on the data label.

Or will it only provide by state information?


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  • david_cunningham
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    Yes, create a beast mode to calculate the % of total. Then use that as your value.

    SUM(value) / SUM(SUM(value) fixed())

    Here is a reference on FIXED functions

    David Cunningham

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  • cochoa
    cochoa Member

    Thank you @david_cunningham ! I knew there was something I could do but still learning. :) This pointed me in the right direction. Still some tweaks I needed to do with my data and use nested calculations but it worked! Appreciate the help!