How to get the Dashboard Name using DDX Brick JS?

M_A Member

Hi Team, I am using the below code to get the first name of the user on the dashboard card by using DDX Brick App JavaScript. I want to automatically update the Dashboard Name automatically so trying to figure it out the way to achieve this.

const firstName = domo.env.userName.split('+')[0];

const welcome = document.getElementById('welcome');

const dashboards = document.getElementById('dashboards');


//Step 1. Select your dataset(s) from the button in the bottom left corner

welcome.textContent = `Hi ${firstName}, welcome to Domo!`;


//Step 2. Extract the dashboard title from the tooltip element

const tooltipElement = document.querySelector('[role="tooltip"]');

const dashboardTitle = tooltipElement ? tooltipElement.textContent.trim() : 'Unknown'; // If the tooltip element is found, extract its text content, otherwise set it to 'Unknown'


//Step 3. Update the greetings message with the dashboard title

dashboards.textContent = `Dashboard Title: ${dashboardTitle}`;


  • MattTheGuru
    MattTheGuru Contributor

    Are you trying to update the text of the DDX brick or the text of the dashboard name?

    The DDX brick won't be able to change anything outside of it's little sandboxed environment, but if you just need to change text inside of a DDX brick you are placing at the top of the page I can help you out there.

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  • M_A
    M_A Member

    I want to use DDX brick to show my Dashboard Name.

  • JosephMeyers
    JosephMeyers Domo Employee

    Unfortunately, Custom Apps do not have an automatic way to see the dashboard name of the page they are on. They can usually see the ID however and, while not an elegant solution, you could make a lookup table with the names and IDs and use that.