Is it possible to public embed an App from App Studio with a form?

Luke_Mielke Member
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I currently use Squarespace forms to process appointment requests, which are then sent to Google Sheets and subsequently to DOMO 🤯. It seems more efficient to use an integrated DOMO form within an app for various reasons. However, when I embed the app, everything else appears except the form.

Is this feature not currently available? Am I missing something? Is there a workaround for this issue? 🤔


App View

Actual Embed


  • MattTheGuru
    MattTheGuru Contributor

    The issue that you are facing is that the Squarespace domain needs to be an authorized embed url.

    Here is a screen recording on how to do that:

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  • Luke_Mielke

    Thanks for the reply, however, I do not have the custom app auth option. This particular app is in the App Studio, the embed and navigation/interaction seems to work on everything else but the form within the app.