Issue where sharing an app is not giving them access to the reports


Occasionally when sharing an app studio built app with our users they will have all reports give the error "please request access" even though the included datasets are either A) not PDPed or B) already shared with the user through other reports.

Has anyone else run into this or have fixes? It is happening to ~1/3 of users that get shared with and I have not come up with a sustainable solution.



  • ArborRose

    There are cards in the app. Share the cards to the people using the app. I may be able to see the app dashboard but denied permission on specific cards.

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  • cookx775
    cookx775 Member

    That feels like a gap having to share every report in addition to sharing the app. There may be situations where that is useful but in general if I am sharing the app I want them to have access to everything within the app. Like when sharing a dashboard, all the cards within the dashboard also get shared.

    Any idea why it is only affecting some users and not everyone?