Extract/Export metadata information of entire DOMO App/Dashboard in Json/XML etc file format

ravi_kapoor Member

I created an entire App/Dashboard end to end having lots of widgets including texts, images, layout, text, cards for visualising a particular dataset which I have created say using Database Connector/File upload

What I want to extract/export the entire Dashboard metadata out of DOMO in some file format being it in Json/XML etc.

For example metadata about the cards imported, the connector metadata details like hostname, username, password, sql query used to fetch the data from connector/table name from which data is fetched.

Metadata information about the entire layout say no of tabs, colour/text/headers used in the button etc.

Can you please tell me is there any way say REST Apis calls as I can see a few are there to export/extract the end to end dashboard page content?


  • ArborRose

    Hopefully I can provide enough to get your started. If I were using Python, I would start with authenticating with the Domo API. Get a client id and secret id through the developer portal.

    import requests
    Replace with your actual client ID and secret
    client_id = 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID'
    client_secret = 'YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET' Get an access token auth_url = 'https://api.domo.com/oauth/token'
    auth_response = requests.post(auth_url, data={
    'grant_type': 'client_credentials',
    'scope': 'data user'
    }, auth=(client_id, client_secret)) access_token = auth_response.json()['access_token']

    Retrieve dashboard metadata something like this:

    Replace with your actual dashboard ID
    dashboard_id = 'YOUR_DASHBOARD_ID'
    dashboard_url = f'https://api.domo.com/v1/pages/{dashboard_id}' headers = {
    'Authorization': f'Bearer {access_token}'
    } dashboard_response = requests.get(dashboard_url, headers=headers)
    dashboard_metadata = dashboard_response.json()

    And card metadata something like this:

    cards_metadata = []
    for card in dashboard_metadata['cards']:
    card_id = card['id']
    card_url = f'https://api.domo.com/v1/cards/{card_id}'
    card_response = requests.get(card_url, headers=headers)
    card_metadata = card_response.json()

    And dataset metadata something like this:

    datasets_metadata = []
    for card in cards_metadata:
    for dataset in card['datasources']:
    dataset_id = dataset['dataSourceId']
    dataset_url = f'https://api.domo.com/v1/datasets/{dataset_id}'
    dataset_response = requests.get(dataset_url, headers=headers)
    dataset_metadata = dataset_response.json()

    And collect the metadata in JSON or XML format something like this:

    import json
    Export to JSON
    with open('dashboard_metadata.json', 'w') as json_file:
    'dashboard': dashboard_metadata,
    'cards': cards_metadata,
    'datasets': datasets_metadata
    }, json_file, indent=4) If you need XML, you can convert JSON to XML using a library like dicttoxml from dicttoxml import dicttoxml xml_data = dicttoxml({
    'dashboard': dashboard_metadata,
    'cards': cards_metadata,
    'datasets': datasets_metadata
    }) with open('dashboard_metadata.xml', 'wb') as xml_file:

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  • ravi_kapoor

    Hi, The card api does not seem to be working

    card_url = f'https://api.domo.com/v1/cards/{card_id}'

    However, I am able to list cards but not getting the individual card details using

    https://api.domo.com/v1/cards/end point

    There is also this post which someone had also faced the same issue

    Moreover I tried Domo CLI command backup-card, from this I was able to export to json

    Actually I had tried the dataset api which you suggested earlier using REST client.

    This only retrieves the metadata as below

    [{'id': 'bfd90908-e515-4fde-9357-c0291962610c',
      'name': 'foodmart',
      'description': '',
      'rows': 3,
      'columns': 5,
      'schema': {'columns': [{'type': 'LONG', 'name': 'employee_id'},
        {'type': 'STRING', 'name': 'full_name'},
        {'type': 'DOUBLE', 'name': 'salary'},
        {'type': 'DOUBLE', 'name': '_BATCH_ID_'},
        {'type': 'DATETIME', 'name': '_BATCH_LAST_RUN_'}]},
      'owner': {'id': 1482431234, 'name': 'Ravi Kapoor'},
      'dataCurrentAt': '2024-05-23T10:08:20Z',
      'createdAt': '2024-05-21T13:16:26Z',
      'updatedAt': '2024-05-23T10:08:20Z',
      'pdpEnabled': False,
      'policies': [{'id': 2,
        'type': 'open',
        'name': 'All Rows',
        'filters': [],
        'users': [],
        'virtualUsers': [],
        'groups': []}]}]

    This is the dataset I set it up using BigQuery Service account connector.

    However, I could see the details of this dataset in the settings section in Data UI as below:

    Report: Query

    SqlDialect: UseStandardSql

    Query: select employee_id, full_name, salary from foodmart.employee limit 3

    I also needed to retrieve this as part of the datasource metadata. This information is not fetched with the datasets api.

    I required the in-depth metadata of the datasource connector(On-prem/Cloud accounts) likewise in Looker I can export the query too.

    Is there any way to do in DOMO?