How can I add a new date column to an existing data set?


I bring a sales data set weekly, and started this about 6 weeks ago. This week my file had a new date column, but the new date column is not visible when I want to add to a card on my dashboard. I am assuming it is due to the past files not having this column.

Anything I can do besides re-adding all the past files with the new date column?


  • GrantSmith

    can you calculate the date yourself based on other data in each row? If so you can use an ETL and a formula tile to calculate it. If not you'll need to reimport your data

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  • david_cunningham

    How are you bringing this in (what type of connector/data source)? Are you doing an append or a replace?

    David Cunningham

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  • kim_barragan0126

    Thank you for the quick replies. I am downloading the files and appending each week. I eventually want to use an email connector. A lot of the date fields will be blank, so I really can't calculate the the fields.

    If I need to reimport, it is not the end of the world.