Beast mode referencing



I wonder why this won't work.

I get that the CASE WHEN can't have MAX() within it, but I thought by referencing the beast mode that uses the MAX() would process it as a subquery that references the output value instead of the formula MAX().

If this wouldn't work, is there an alternative to this? I needed the latest_unsent_campaign_acct to be dynamic that's why I brought it to the card before wrapping it with MAX()



  • GrantSmith

    it’s because you have an aggregate inside an aggregate which isn’t allowed. You could attempt to use a window function so the max is returned for each row depending on your partitions and then do the count on that value

    COUNT(CASE WHEN `campaign_id` > MAX(`latest_unsent_campaign_acct`) FIXED (BY `your_partition_field_or_remove_by_clause`) THEN `campaign_id` END)

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  • rmbourne
    rmbourne Member
    edited May 21

    Hi @GrantSmith

    Thanks. I tried but it doesn't work either. The use of partition was actually my initial approach, but I used MAX(MAX() FIXED (BY)) following the documentation on FIXED function. Neither of them worked.

    It turns out, even the partition can't be within an aggregation as it works if I removed the COUNT()