BenSchein Domo Product Manager

As an active Community member perk, we will be providing insider sneak peeks for the features we will be releasing on Wednesday May 22nd 🥳 

A little bit about Workflows: Workflows allow users to design and implement executable workflow processes using low code capabilities. This feature automates business logic to provide efficient solutions for all types of business processes. The Workflows product leverages capabilities from Code Engine, Work Queues, and Forms. 

We’ve got four enhancements coming to Workflows this month!  

  1. If you own a Workflow OR started a Workflow, you have the option to enable notification settings for Workflows. Notifications are sent by email or SMS containing the event message, instance status, instance ID, and a link to the execution details page.  
  2. Workflows, Code Engine, and Forms now support account data types that can be used and referenced to enable both automated and manual steps to be configured within certain parameters.  
  3. There’s a new sub-setting called Task Creator Access that has been added to Queues that allows you to see the tasks you’ve created when Assignee Security is enabled since previously you could not see those tasks. 
  4. We’ve made some significant updates to our Code Engine Global Library to include user-friendly titles and descriptions, removal of deprecated legacy Domo packages, and example input and output data values for each global function.  

@RyanDespain_77 is our Product Manager over Workflows and can chime in with additonal info and can answer any questons.

Please note these features are subject to change and could lead to a delay in its deployment for an unknown amount of time.