PRODUCT RELEASE SNEAK: Sandbox and Publish Community Post

BenSchein Domo Product Manager

As an active Community member perk, we will be providing insider sneak peeks for the features we will be releasing on Wednesday May 22nd 🥳 

A little bit about App Studio: App Studio is a no code, drag-and-drop interface that enables anyone to create their own customized app experience with all the data, power, and capabilities of the Domo platform. This includes writeback capabilities, custom navigation, custom layouts, themes, actions, forms, and more.  

Two new enhancements are going to be available to App Studio this month! We’re adding Sandbox and Domo Everywhere capabilities.  

Sandbox: When creating a new repository in Sandbox, you can now select App Studio apps. Now you can prepare everything directly in production environments before releasing it for broader use ensuring that everything runs perfectly, without hiccups or downtime. 

Domo Everywhere: In March, we released App Studio Embed Integration for our Domo Everywhere users. This month we are releasing the App Studio Publish integration! Customers can create a publication directly from within their apps and publish the content to subscriber organizations. A subscriber organization can subscribe to publications individually, as invited or auto-subscribe to receive all publications that come from a trusted publishing organization. 

@Ken_Boyer is my Product Manager over Domo Everywhere and can chime in and help answer any questions. @Matt Tannyhill and @Khushboo can also chime in from an App Studio perspective.

Please note these features are subject to change and could lead to a delay in its deployment for an unknown amount of time.