Dynamic Goal line on a bar chart


I need to create a goal line dynamically on a bar chart. I have used scale marker in properties, but it is giving a static line. Can someone please suggest how can we achieve dynamic goal line.



  • david_cunningham

    what exactly do you mean by dynamic? Are you saying that the goal will be dependent on changing aggregate chart values. Or that the goal is dependent on the particular series or date range?

    If you let me know, I can help walk you through a solution using either beast mode or ETL depending on your particular use-case.

    David Cunningham

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  • DashboardDude

    @david_cunningham I think @SwapnaE for instance wants the goal line (orange horizontal lines) to change dependent on like if someone new is chosen in a filter or something. @SwapnaE, unfortunately that "goal" is hard coded. Your better bet is to use a different chart like bullet where now you can add in a goal per person or whatever series you need.

    John Le

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