Branching/Hierarchy in Pivot Table, Mega Table

Manasi_Panov Member
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Is there a more elegant solution to create Branching/Hierarchy in a Pivot Table (or any other table)? Something to look similar to this:

This was created using the Formula Editor in ETL, but I don't like the solution and was hoping for something more elegant and flexible:



  • GrantSmith

    You could implement your own visualization utilize a Domo Brick some Javascript packages. Alternatively have you thought about utilizing drill paths to narrow down your tables?

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  • Manasi_Panov

    Thank you, @GrantSmith, for your answer.

    My goal is to replicate a table that was previously used by management in Excel, so they can easily recognize it and transit to using Domo. In addition to the dashboard, I have included different visualizations, drill-downs, filters, and variables to make the information more interactive.

    I’ll consider using Domo Brick, but perhaps at a later point, as I currently lack skills in Javascript.