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Notification are key to engaging with users in the Community. Some of you have missed important conversations, idea updates, or answered questions because of your default notifications. Please read through this article and update your preferences how you would like so you never miss a beat 😄 At the bottom of this page, I will suggest the preferences to turn on to best optimize your experience.

Manage your notification preferences

The Notification Preferences page is where you control which popup and/or email notifications you receive from content activity across your community. This ensures that you:

  • never miss an important update regarding content you're interested in,
  • have the choice to not receive notifications.

Access the Notification Preferences page

1. Click your MeBox > Account & Privacy Settings.

2. Click Notification Preferences in the right-hand list.

Manage your preferences

The first thing to understand when setting your notification preferences is that there are two notification options for activity in the community: by Popup and Email, represented by the bell and envelope icons, respectively.

When a post is created:

  • Popup notifications are displayed in near real-time directly in the community, at the bottom left of the screen.
  • The system generates an Email notification and sends it to your personal inbox within minutes of the content being posted.

Followed Posts

  • "Followed" posts are posts (discussions, questions, ideas, etc.) you've created, posts from other users you've commented on, and posts you've bookmarked. Essentially, you can think of these as posts you've interacted with in some way.
  • Use these options to control what notifications to receive pertaining to your Followed Posts.

Followed Categories

  • If Category Following is enabled in your community, you can Follow a Category via its bell icon. Then, you'll be able to choose whether to receive notifications about content in that Category. Check out this article to learn more about Category Following.
  • Use these two options to set your default notification preferences for when you Follow a Category.

Followed Content page

Any Categories you've followed are added to your profile’s Followed Content page, making it easy to:

  • See which Categories you're currently following
  • Update their notification options at any time using the bell icons
  • Unfollow Categories you're no longer interested in

Suggested Preferences

These notifications, in my opinion, are optimized so you can stay "in-the-know" without a spammed inbox.

Have further questions? Leave me a comment below so I'll get an email that you commented on my post 😉