Get rid of filter icons in app studio apps?

edited May 3 in App Studio

I cannot figure this out. In story dashboards you can disable filter and pdp icons from showing over each card impacted. Additionally, I can't figure out how to clear filters from the app.

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  • JasonAltenburg

    Hi @ColemenWilson I was unable to find this option as well. I would like to know where these are, alternatively would upvote this as an idea if it is not a current feature please tag me and I'll upvote.

  • fnukhushboo
    fnukhushboo Domo Product Manager

    If you click on the page layout in an app, page settings will pop up in the right panel where you will see 'Filter Options'. You will be able to access these options after clicking on that option!

  • user10540
    user10540 Member

    Hello…the filter options does not appear for me in the layout section. Is there a way to enable it?