Microsoft Forms and/or Customer Voice Connections


We currently utilize SurveyMonkey for some of our internal surveys; however, we are looking to transition away due to the increasing cost and instead leverage some of our 365 products.

We were looking to move to either MS Forms or Customer Voice; however, I'm not seeing a direct connector in Domo to pull data.

I know I've built some other surveys in Forms and the only way I could get the data into Domo was by building a PowerAutomate flow to take the results and create an Excel file and store it on either OneDrive or SharePoint and have Domo connect and grab it.

Is this the only way to get data from Forms or Customer Voice into Domo, or is there a more direct method? Would love to have a direct integration similar to what currently exists with SurveyMonkey, as then there's less points of failure.


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