Domo AI - What is available

BenSchein Domo Product Manager
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I mentioned in today's community event that I would share some of the information we share back with people e-mailing the email account. Has a good overview of what is available and key docs:

If you are interested in participating in the betas for AI Chat or AI Universal Models, please work with your CSM to get added to the beta list.

The following are currently generally available and do not require any special enablement from Domo:

  • AI Service Layer enables the use of AI for key tasks across the Domo platform and can be accessed by customers from apps, bricks, workflows and Jupyter notebooks (KB Article)
  • AI Model Management- develop your own models in Domo (using Jupyter or AutoML) or register external models from OpenAI, Databricks, Amazon Bedrock or Hugging Face.  Models can be deployed to apps or workflows via inference endpoints or for some models deployed directly to Magic ETL (note: customers must request access to Magic ETL deployment).
  • AI Assistant features within Domo:
    • AI help to write a beast mode/calculated field (KB article)
    • AI help to write the SQL for a Dataset View (KB Article)
  • Bricks and apps which leverage the AI Service Layer- there are several bricks and apps that you can use to access the Domo AI Service layer.  They include:
    • ResponsibleGPT app- use the Domo AI Service layer to responsibly ask generic questions of ChatGPT (not about your data but the general ones like “help we write a nice customer introduction e-mail”).
    • Text-to-SQL Brick- query your data with GPT helping to generate the SQL
    • Dataset description Brick- let GPT generate a description for your Domo datasets 
    • Compare LLM Brick- compare 2 different LLM responses to the same prompt

Governance, privacy, and security:

  • You can review some FAQ around Domo AI and security  here.
  • To use any AI driven service in Domo, non-Admin users must have a role with the “Use AI Services” grant (KB article on role permissions)
  • An Admin will also need to go to "Admin > AI Services" to manage the model providers you'd like enabled in your instance.  Currently Open AI is the default model provider for Domo AI but requires an Admin to proactively enable (DomoGPT will be coming soon to provide an LLM option fully hosted in the Domo ecosystem).