Dataset on Workflow Start Form

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I'm using the brick "Workflow Start Form" available on app store to start a workflow using a custom form and parameters. That part works greate, but i alse need to query a dataset from there and the card have no option to link one (only allows to link a workflow).

Can anyone tell me please how can I link a dataset or execute a SQL quere from this card?

Thanks in advance 🙂


  • ArborRose

    I don't think the workflow is designed support direct querying or executing SQL from within the brick itself. You probably need to incorporate additional steps that handle the query.

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  • claudio_sp

    Thanks for your comment. The thing it's that if I need to valide a typed value, ex an ID field, to figure out if exists a registry on the dataset that correspond with it, i can't do it because i'm unable to query a dataset directly from the form.

    I'm aggree that this could be done from the workflow directly, but that it implies that the form was already submited with an inexistent ID value.

  • JosephMeyers
    JosephMeyers Contributor

    The workflow Brick only supports mapping a single workflow currently. If your custom app needs to map datasets and workflows you can use the Brick as an example and then create a normal custom app where you can set the manifest to have all the mappings that you need.