Calculated field for before and after date

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I have a calculation based on date that is only half working.

CASE WHEN (DATE(Date)<'03/01/2024') THEN SS Revenue ELSE (SS Impressions*eCPM/1000) end

In the formula, it is pulling in the correct amount when it is BEFORE 3/1/2024, but for some reason, it is returning 0 for anything after that date. When I look at the SS Impressions and eCPM, those calculations are correct and showing the correct information.

I am not sure what is missing.

Any thoughts?



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    I know what the issue is. The eCPM is calculated on based on rows labeled GAM and therefore the eCPM only shows in GAM rows and SS Rows are then left blank for eCPM. I need the eCPM to show in ALL rows. The calculation for eCPM is (SUM(CASE WHEN Ad Server = 'GAM' THEN Revenue END) / SUM(CASE WHEN Ad Server = 'GAM' THEN Imps END)) * 1000