New PPT Connector: Adding multiple cards from one dashboard



So with the old PPT connector you were able to find a dashboard and select all the cards from that page you wanted, select a page filter, and then imported into ppt. With the new connector are you able to do this or do you only have the option to select one card at a time?


  • RobynLinden
    RobynLinden Contributor

    I believe you can only select one card at a time - that's how I've been using it. BUT - three pro's to me are

    1) you can get to the content the same way you would navigate your Domo instance;

    2) You can used Page Filter Views within the PPT so if you have a specific and crucial filter setting, you can hang onto it for multiple pieces of content;

    3) You can re-scale the image so if the font size is causing text wrapping or just unreadable elements, bumping the scaling down will adjust that and you never have to touch your card in Domo.

    This plug-in has saved me SO much time, I love it (if I have to build decks in PPT 😘).

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