Miscellaneous Q&A from Domopalooza

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The product team enjoyed answering questions from the audience during the final session at Domopalooza. Below you will find the answers to all questions related to Sandbox, Beast Modes, Consumption, Learn Domo and more (including those that weren't mentioned on stage).

Q: Are all the new updates available to those NOT on the consumption model? Workflows, App Studio, AI…
A: We are all-in on the consumption model. If you're not, please talk to your account executive.

Q: What’s the future of the semantic/metadata layer in Domo?
A: We are actively working toward a solution, and soliciting feedback from multiple customers in the process. We look forward to sharing more as it develops.

Q: I am a developer, I use version control daily in my work. How does Domo do change management/version control for its Domo instances, ETLs, Cards, etc?
A: This is supported by Sandbox, which allows you to create content in a Development environment, then migrate it to your production environment. Sandbox supports, ETL's Cards, Pages, Dataviews and connectors. Sandbox also tracks versions of content and allows for rollback in production if needed.

Q: How difficult is it to onboard the Sandbox environment? Can I turn my current instance into the sandbox instance?
A: Domo Sandbox enables migration of content between instances. It is easy to set up a new DEV instance or even set up a new PROD instance and use your current instance as the DEV instance.

Q: My organization uses a DEV and PROD environment for its SDLC, can that be extended into Domo?
A: Domo supports having separate DEV and PROD instances. Check out Sandbox and Governance Toolkit featuresSpeak with your account team to find out more.

Q: Any plans to be add the ability to run SQL queries on datasets directly from PHP?
A: Domo supports APIs that can be used to query datasets using a variety of languages.

Q: What would you recommend to someone starting with DOMO with no developer or technical experience? What is the best approach to begin learning?
A: The Domo Community Forums are a great place to start. Knowledge base articles provides great articles. We also offer Domo Free which is available to try out the platform without cost. Just jump into Domo and give it a shot. It was built for business users first.

Q: Can DomoStat datasets be ran without using a credit (if you are in consumption model)?
A: Currently this is something we are considering implementing.

Q: Are folders or a different way to organize and manage Beast Modes a possibility???
A: As of right now the plan for the V1 of workspaces does not include Beast Modes as a feature you can organize with folders, but it is on the list of entities to add in future versions.

Q: For customers on the consumption model- Any plans to rollover unused credits that customers have paid for but haven’t used?
A: Credits expire at the end of the allocation time. Standard credits typically last a year and all other types are allocated (and expire) monthly.

Q: What's the difference between Workspaces and pdp?
A: A workspace includes more than just access to data, it also includes access to content. So adding a dashboard to a workspace will automatically share it and its cards with everyone in the workspace, and if it is removed from the workspace the dashboard and all of its cards are unshared with the people in the workspace. PDP is a level of protection on top of the sharing of content like usual.

Q: How do we efficiently clean up the crazy number of beast modes that now exist in our instance?
A: The Beast Mode manager provides insights into Beast Modes and their respective cards / Pages. You can also manage Beast Modes in bulk using the manager. There are also multiple Domostats available that provide insights into which are currently being used and where.

Q: Besides App studio or AI what other features are you guys most excited about?
A: Universal Models (Forecasting, outlier detection, PII Detection) and many different product itegrations that are focused on helping you gain valuable insights faster.

Q: When do we get columnar PDP?
A: Column masking limited beta in May - full rollout Summer.

Q: Does DOMO offer onboarding training?
A: Yes! Check out Domo University or Talk to your account team about training offerings by Domo's Education team.

Q: When is Git Integration coming? This is in regard to all areas where code is involved, i.e., Jupyter, Code Engine, and other pro-code tiles across the platform.
A: We don't have any plans for this just yet, but this is a great suggestion.

Q: Could you demo the PowerPoint embedding?
A: Talk to your account team to schedule a demo of this functionality.

Q: There is so much available in Domo, what is the best way to find features that might be useful?
A: In the consumption model, customers have access to the advanced Domo feature sets. In addition to discovery, Knowledge Base articles are a great way to learn about features.

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