Forcasting Data by Zip for a 24 month period


I am looking to forecast mover data out 12 months looking at a 24 month period of historical data for each zip code in the US. Currently we run this with a spreadsheet and a forcasting formula. Looking for anyone who might have done this before or has any ideas how this can be done in Domo. Open to other tools other than Magic ETL


  • ArborRose

    Can you show us any kind of mock up of what you are doing currently with your spreadsheet?

    There are quite a few forecasting videos and Domo examples on the web. Have you reviewed any of them?

    I would first look to the forecasting tile in the Data Science are of the Magic ETL…link….,'Revenue'%20will%20be%20forecasted.

    There are also videos posted.

    Based on your description, it sounds like you have a forecasting formula to create a "future" data sample. If your formula generates data for the expectations coming, you could create an ETL that pulls the existing data up to current date, and appends the data with the sample data to show the results from your forecasting formula.

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  • joshnoyes

    I have watched the above video and it makes a lot of sense, however in the examples provided it was looking at the date field and value to perform the forecast. what I am trying to do is look at the date and value field for each zip code independently to perform the forecast. there will be roughly 37K Zip Codes i will be looking at each with its own 24 months of historical data. I have attached a sample file of several ZIP codes with 24 months of historical data. I understand that the format on the attached would have to be changed to run the forecast in Domo which is fine. thanks for your prompt response.