Multi-period projection not working with my dataset

Tung Member

I'm new to using multi-period projections within card properties.

The good news: I was able to successfully utilize this multi-period projections feature with a nearly identical card, except I selected "fall" terms in my filters.

However, when I "Saved As" to create a new chart and simply changed to "summer" terms in my filters (no other changes), the multi-line projection didn't work properly.

(Note: This is not a multi-line chart or a multiple series chart. This is a single series chart.)

I tried using all the Project Using options under the properties (ie. Linear Regression, Linear Regression by period, etc.).

Here's the output (note that the projection is flat and doesn't replicate any of the historic lines before it):

For reference, here's my successful attempt where I only filtered on "fall" terms? This is what I was hoping to see with the summer term.

Thank you so much in advance. Really appreciative of this community.


  • ArborRose

    Have you checked the date range on the card to make sure it includes all dates? In your screenshot it looks like you have limited the dates.

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  • Tung
    Tung Member

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, ArborRose. For all of these examples, I stuck with the default Date Range of "All Time." (screenshot below)