Drill down issue

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I have 2 cards that i am trying to drill down. I am trying to create the final drill down with the same columns but preventing the final view .

The drill down is not showing the correct data it should


  • Hi @shreeyab could you provide a bit more information?

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  • @ColemenWilson - just did !

  • Thanks @shreeyab. Some things to check/consider:
    1. You can prevent drilling down to the final dataset view by selecting "Prevent drilling to final data grid view"

    2. When editing the drill path, you will be in analyzer view with all data being displayed - this means that as you are creating the drill path, the data will look different than it will when actually using the drill path for the card.
    3. Each step in the drill path can have it's own filters, sorts, fields, chart type, etc… so be sure to check these settings at each level of the drill path.
    4. After you've checked these things, if you still are seeing data that is not what you are expecting let me know!

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  • Thanks @ColemenWilson - I am aware of 1 and 2.
    I will try 2. again and let you know soon !

  • I dont have any filters, or sorts. theres a count(id) and max(date the ids were created) —→ drilling to last layer to see those IDs and Created dates

  • when i dont have prevent drill checked, its showing the right data.

    But when i create the drill with the same columns (without filters or sorts) its not working.

  • Well, if it is an aggregate function - COUNT or MAX then yes you would see different values then if you just drill into the final data view because the final data view is an unaggregated view of the underlying data.

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  • The final drill that I am creating is supposed to be the unaggregated view.

    This is the top layer.
    I added all the columns in the final drill. So when i click on 30 for A - it should show me 30 records but it shows me 1 record - for the date 3/10/2023