Drill Down Path


How can I get the drill path to not be affected by a certain day but instead display the whole month. For example I have a bar chart with dates as the X-axis and I am trying to enable a drill in place drilldown path that allows the user to click on it and go to another chart that has the same layout just a different metric. However, when I try to implement it, the drill down path only shows that days data. I thought I could fix this with hover text displaying the customer name so that they can see all the days when they click on one of the bars, that did not fix the issue. They are still only receiving one days data. I also tried a FIXED FILTER NONE, but that also doesnt seem to solve the issue.


  • ColemenWilson

    The drill path will lead to a view with a filter applied for what has been selected. So if the bars are months and you click January, for example, then the drill path card will only show data for January. If your bars are days, when you click a day, January 3rd for example, then the drill path card will only show data for January 3rd. If you just want to click a card and get a different view, you could change the card interaction from drill in place to "Open any Content".

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  • ColinHaze

    The solution I was able to work out was to make it a tier chart and put the location as the category so the user can click on the location and it drills in place to the next metric.