Show portion total as % without showing other portions


I'd like to know how to take the percentage of a metric without showing other portions - for instance:

I have footballs, basketballs, baseballs and lacross balls. If I sold 35 footballs, 25 basketballs, 20 baseballs and 20 lacrosse balls in Q1, in Q2 I sold x footballs, x basketballs etc.

I want to see the percentage of footballs I sold each quarter, without having to include baseballs, lacrosse balls and basketballs. When I do a line chart that displays all four balls, the percentages work great and the graph functions. However, if I only want 1 line to show me the amount of footballs I sold each quarter, the percentage will go to 100% once I exclude those other balls. So, what I really want is for footballs to still be calculated against the other balls that were sold.


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