Google Analytics Not Matching


The data i'm seeing in Domo is not matching with the data in Google Analytics.

I'm using the Google Analytics 4 connector and have the following metrics and dimensions:

- Conversions
- Engagement rate
- Sessions

- Page path + query string
- Page referrer
- Date
- Session default channel group
- 4 custom User Dimensions

When building a simple card that shows the sum sessions over a specific date, the dataset in Domo is way off from what I see in Google Analytics (by a factor of 2 or 3 when looking at a month view).

The data I'm seeing in GA4 is not sampled. Also, I'm not running any ETLs just using the dataset that is pulling directly from GA4.

I'm assuming one of my dimensions is blowing up the data, but not sure which one as I can recreate the data in GA4 using the same dimensions and metrics.


  • trafalger

    Are your date dimensions the same? The GA4 connector aggregates it based on the date grain you select, so if in the connector you're pulling daily and trying to aggregate it in Domo, it might not match. Trying pulling at the same grain as the GA4 report and see if it matches.

  • ryanbreneman

    @trafalger I think I am. I was thinking about this, but I am pulling in the data daily and there is only one date field.

    I've been testing it out and I think the problem is the dimensions: page path, page referrer. I have changed the data to only include date, sessions, and default sessions channel, and the data lines up perfectly with GA4. Because these (the page path, page referrer, and other dimensions) aren't sessions based dimensions, they cause the sessions to blow up. In GA4 they seem to be able to count distinct sessions, because if I add up the individual rows in GA4 it adds up to more sessions that the sum GA4 is giving me. However, Domo isn't able to pull in unique sessions, so it's just double counting them.

    I'm not sure how I can report on sessions with the dimensions I want in Domo. If I want to use those dimensions I will have to pair them with views instead. I think? Still testing it out.

  • trafalger

    "Unique" metrics have to be pulled in the date grain you want, since if you have 3 unique users each week of the month, when you try to SUM the month it will give you 12. However if you pull that report for the month, it might only return 3.

  • ryanbreneman

    @trafalger I guess I don't quite understand what you are saying. My dataset is refreshing each day but in my card I'm viewing the month and looking at total sessions for the month. How do I pull the date grain so I can report on current trending sessions, but roll them up to the month view?