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Has anyone had success connecting to the adaptive insights connecter by authenticating through workday? We have gotten an error that our JWT token is not correct but there is no JWT token credential needed to connect. Any ideas?

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  • I am not using this connector currently, but the Domo support pages indicates need for a ClientID, obtained after registering a Workday API Client. And it should have a token endpoint.

    In general, a JWT (JSON Web Token) is used as a form of authentication when connecting to APIs or services, including when using connectors like the Adaptive Insights Connector in Domo.

    Here's how the process typically works:

    1. Generate JWT Token: The user or application generates a JWT token that includes information about the user and other relevant details.
    2. Include Token in API Request: When making API requests to a service like Adaptive Insights, the JWT token is included in the request headers. This token serves as a form of authentication, proving that the requester has the necessary permissions.

    If you are receiving an error stating that the JWT token is not correct, it indicates that there might be an issue with the token itself or it can't find one. Here are some common reasons for such errors:

    • Incorrect Token: The token might be generated incorrectly or might have expired.
    • Mismatched Secret: The token is typically signed with a secret key. If there is a mismatch between the key used to sign the token and the key expected by the service, authentication will fail.
    • Token Expiry: JWT tokens often have a limited lifespan. If the token has expired, it will no longer be valid for authentication.
    • Token Format: Ensure that the token is formatted correctly according to the specifications required by the Adaptive Insights Connector.

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  • ya ive tried to generate new JWT tokens multiple times on the Workday side and still nothing. We have a support ticket open but its going no where at the moment. Was not sure if there were other customers that were able to successfully authenticate into adaptive by using the workday option to ensure our workday set up is set up properly.

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    Not sure if this support page reference helps:

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