How do I change the calculation on my chart

I'm pretty new to building dashboards, and have mainly done front-end organising and stuff.

I'd like to change the calculation of my chart, currently it is showing % of total respondents, but I want it to change that calculation to be % of players who answered a specific code in the previous question.

e.g. instead of the calculation being "15% of the total sample have an account with this brand", I want the calculation to be of those who tell us they have accounts elsewhere in the previous question.

Will this need a beast and if so, how do I formulate it?



  • @DeclanCPS Is there a column in your dataset that indicates whether they have accounts in the previous question? If so, try adding that column as a filter in your card so that you don't have to change a beast mode calculation.

  • @MichelleH Thanks for the reply!

    I don't see any dimension/measure that is applicable, I think I need to create one.

  • @DeclanCPS What fields do you have available in your dataset?