Intro - Jody Roach


Hello Innovators! I'm Jody and I lead all BI and Domo activities for PROSCAN imaging, a Radiology Healthcare company based out of Cincinnati OH.

I am just wrapping up my 3rd year in Domo and I'm still amazed at the scope of our deployment compared to our original goals.

My wife and I are active in dog rescue and fostering. We have had many successes and a few failures. (Foster Failing just means we kept the dog for ourselves 🐕🏠).

I like to get away from computer screens with a good Sci-fi / fantasy paperback. (Outside if its nice)

If I were stranded on and island I would need to bring a Wilson Volleyball 🤷‍♂️.

… I loved Wordle, but I don't think I got the gist of this game yet.

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